I’m Chris Leidli, a life coach for business leaders who are looking to adopt healthier lifestyles and make a bigger impact at home and at work.

I am a biotechnology executive and motivational speaker on leadership, health and wellness.  I’m on a mission to help motivate and show others how to become the best version of themselves!

My Vision

I believe that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle.  Exercise, eating Whole Foods, and the right mindset is the best way to achieve the best version of yourself.  The biggest obstacles to achieving one’s health and wellness goals is not lack of motivation or willingness to train, rather life “issues” are the biggest problems – work, family, and travel.  Over the past 10 years of training and competing in Ironman, I have helped many people like you overcome all kinds of roadblocks, to reach the start line and ultimately reach the finish!

Contact me!

Throughout this blog, I will be sharing all my favorite training hacks, workout routines, and nutrition plans for busy people who hold down full time jobs, have busy schedules and family commitments!

Send me an email if you are interested in a particular topic or would like to schedule a speaking engagement.